What does the color of sputum mean?
What is sputum In a normal state, a person has transparent mucus on the bronchial mucosa and trachea, the so-called tracheobronchial secretion. It is produced by cells of the bronchial…

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Carbon Peeling: Long-Lasting Magic
You always want to look wonderful, delight others with a radiant complexion and beautiful skin. Cosmetics help us hide flaws, but, unfortunately, only in the cool season, but in the…

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Debriefing: is it worth giving up coffee
It is difficult to imagine your morning without a cup of aromatic, freshly brewed coffee. This drink has become a tradition for many people, allowing you to wake up, feel…

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Is sodium glutamate dangerous for health

If you ask people about monosodium glutamate, then most will confidently say about the dangers of the supplement. It is called a true food drug and is often considered the source of many serious illnesses. However, do people all know about this supplement? And is sodium glutamate really harmful? First things first.

What is monosodium glutamate and in what food does it occur?
By the term “monosodium glutamate” (in the classification it is assigned the code E621) is meant a salt of glutamic acid. The latter is an important amino acid found in all proteins. It is daily ingested with food. And if glutamic acid becomes insufficient, then the human body begins to independently produce it. Continue reading

The history of cheating: what is detox

It’s hard not to get the idea of ​​detox. On the one hand, it is practiced by many celebrities: Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek. They emphasize that, thanks to detox, they look and feel good.

On the other hand, constant fatigue, chronic fatigue, skin problems (and many other things) are inextricably linked with toxins that overwhelm the human body. It is not surprising that the only chance to gain health and joy from life is purification. But is it? It’s time to find out the whole truth about detox.

What is detox?
A few years ago, the methodology of ridding the body of toxins and toxins was popularized around the world. She promised to improve the body, guaranteed weight loss and assured of rejuvenation. This method is called detox. Continue reading

Cholesterol Levels: What Does Low and High Cholesterol Mean?

Almost all people are familiar with the concept of “cholesterol”. The term, which recently was purely medical, began to be used everywhere. They made, advertising their products, assure the buyer: “It is good because it does not have cholesterol.” Nutritionists develop entire programs that provide cholesterol withdrawal and healing.

However, is everything known about this component? What is the norm of cholesterol? And is it always necessary to lower its level?

Cholesterol: what is it and why is it needed?
Many people are sure that cholesterol is a harmful component that a person receives with food. Therefore, you need to fight it by any means. This statement is only partially correct. Cholesterol is not always harmful. Continue reading

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Symptoms of coronavirus in children
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What do “suspicious” moles look like?
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