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To starve a worm: what can you eat at night

Nutritionists several years ago argued that eating at bedtime is very harmful. Today, their views have changed somewhat. Now doctors are sure that going to bed, feeling a “wolf” hunger, is completely not useful. And even people who are losing weight can eat before bedtime. However, it is strongly recommended that you choose the “right” food for snacks. So, what can you eat at night, and what should be discarded?

Evening snacks: harm or benefit
Doctors, parents, and acquaintances often talked about the dangers of eating food at bedtime. And they repeated it constantly. Therefore, such a statement has become an axiom for many people. And even the justification for harm looks very convincing. At night, all processes in the body slow down. Therefore, food eaten just before going to bed is not able to thoroughly digest. The load on the gastrointestinal tract leads to a deterioration in the functioning of the remaining organs.

Dr. Rika Yokoyama conducted an interesting experiment in 2010. He selected 10 Japanese men who were completely healthy to study. For 10 days, he compared how the metabolism in the body changes during night and evening snacks. During the experiment, the doctor found that the rate of metabolic reactions is reduced by 50 kcal. He announced his results in 2010 at an obesity conference.
Merciless exposure or …

Doctors who for a long time believed in the harm of nighttime snacks suddenly began to doubt this dogma. And they decided to double-check it. The first thing that confused scientific minds was the lack of design of the Rika Yokoyama experiment as an independent study. Although the doctor presented all previous works in the correct form. Perhaps an error?

Eating after 6 p.m. is not harmful
And yet, the doctors decided to find out whether it is possible to eat after 18.00 or absolutely not? To do this, you need to understand what is happening in the body at the moment when a person is in the arms of Morpheus.

Digestive tract

Doctors, after conducting a number of studies, came to the conclusion that the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract does not stop at night. The digestive tract continues to work. This reduces the production of saliva, less often swallowing. However, these processes are not so severe as to disrupt the ability of the digestive tract to digest food.

Continuing to dispel the myth, doctors came to the following conclusions:

Gastric juice production is increasing. The secretion of this substance does not decrease during sleep, contrary to popular belief. Doctors note that the peak in the production of gastric juice is observed from 10 in the evening to 2 in the morning. Moreover, the secretion is completely independent of the activity of the body (whether a person is sleeping or awake).
Metabolism does not slow down. Studies have shown that metabolic processes during sleep occur unevenly. During the slow sleep phase, metabolism decreases. And during REM sleep, it increases. Due to this, the rate of nightly metabolism is leveled off and practically does not differ from the daily values.
Intestinal motility does not decrease. The small intestine functions in its usual way. Moreover, peristalsis at night is slightly higher than in the daytime. By the way, the natural functioning of the intestine does not affect the drowsiness and quality of rest.
Nutrition Must Be Proper
The digestive system works in the same way day and night. This made it possible to assert that you can really eat at night. Of course, if we talk only about the work of the digestive tract.
The functioning of other organs

The human body consists not only of the digestive system. Therefore, speaking of the dangers or benefits of evening snacks, it is necessary to consider how such “gluttony” affects the work of other organs. This was discussed by the American otolaryngologist Stephen Park. He studied apnea (pathological respiratory arrest during sleep) for a long time.

The doctor claims that you can not eat after 18.00 (or rather, 2-3 hours before the end of the day). Late snacks negatively affect human health. So, asthmatics practicing night meals, often snore, suffocate in a dream, suffer from heartburn. By the way, even completely healthy people who regularly make nightly raids on the refrigerator can suffer from the last phenomenon.
What is the danger of refusing an evening snack

If the stomach loudly declares its desire to “eat” before going to bed, then it is unlikely that a person is able to ignore such a requirement. And nutritionists argue that denying yourself a late dinner is not worth even those people who want to lose weight.

You can’t sleep on an empty stomach, a breakdown may occur
Long-term neglect of hunger leads to the following negative points:

the feeling of hunger is gradually increasing;
a breakdown occurs, and the person runs to the refrigerator at night (this factor often underlies the development of the syndrome of night food, which is very difficult to get rid of);
lack of necessary food leads to stagnation of bile (against the background of a similar process, stones can form in the gallbladder);

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