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Life with peppercorns: is it often harmful to eat spicy

Spicy, peppery dishes are present in many national cuisines, especially in southern and Asian countries. And there is still debate about whether spicy foods are harmful or healthy. Both opponents and supporters have a lot of concepts. Moreover, there is no unity among doctors either. So what is more from acute – good or harm? And can everyone eat dishes with peppercorns?

What is useful in spicy dishes
Acute improves digestion
Pepper and spicy foods contribute to the production of gastric juice, a rush of blood to the walls of the stomach. As a result, the digestive process is activated.

Sharp helps to lose weight
The fact that spicy foods contribute to weight loss is known to many. This fact is supported by numerous studies of scientists.

The fact is that spicy and spicy food speeds up the metabolism, including fats, contributes to their burning, as well as the rapid removal of toxins and fluids from the body.

Chili pepper prevents heart and vascular disease
Such a discovery was made by researchers from the University of Vermont. They analyzed data from the US national program on nutrition and its effects on health. The program was attended by over 16 thousand people, information was collected for 23 years. It turned out that those who regularly consumed hot chili peppers suffered from cardiovascular diseases and strokes less often than people who prefer more fresh food.

The reason for this is not yet clear, but scientists believe that the whole thing is capsaicin, a substance in large quantities in red pepper.

Pepper food helps treat colds
This effect is achieved due to the irritating effect of spices. They contribute to increased blood flow, which alleviates the condition with colds, improves sputum discharge. As a result, recovery is faster.

In addition, pepper contains a large amount of vitamins C and A, which help strengthen the immune system and cope with the disease.

Spicy food improves mood
And helps to cope with depression. The reason for this is serotonin – a hormone of joy, the production of which is facilitated by spices.

Spices boost your mood
Spicy food kills pathogens
The antimicrobial properties of onions and garlic have been known for a long time. Chili pepper has the same effect. Capsaicin, the main alkaloid of pepper, kills pathogenic bacteria in the stomach, including Helicobacter pylari, which is considered the main culprit in the development of gastritis and stomach ulcers. It turns out that acute not only does not lead to gastritis, but, on the contrary, prevents its appearance.

Perhaps soon, a pepper-based preparation will be used to treat inflammatory processes in the stomach.

It is believed that the passion for acute causes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular peptic ulcer and gastritis, due to irritation of the walls of the stomach. In fact, research has shown that this is a myth: spicy foods do not damage the mucous membranes.
Spicy food prolongs life
These findings were Chinese scientists. They conducted a large-scale study and found that acute lovers are less likely to die from cancer, respiratory diseases, or heart disease.

In addition, it was found that spicy foods affect the threshold of sensitivity – it rises. And it also increases life expectancy.

Hot sauce: good or bad
Fans of hot sauces will have to disappoint. Despite the fact that pepper and spicy food is useful in many respects, this cannot be said about sauces. As a rule, along with pepper and spices they contain such ingredients that are not too necessary for health, such as salt, sugar, vinegar, various preservatives and dyes. Therefore, sauces are better to prefer peppers, ginger, garlic and other spices in their natural form.

When spicy foods can harm
The harm of acute is greatly exaggerated. But in some situations, peppery and spicy foods can really be dangerous, and doctors remind you of this.

Gastrointestinal diseases
With exacerbation of gastritis, peptic ulcer, the mucous membrane of the stomach is inflamed, there are sores and wounds on it. Spicy spices due to irritation of the mucosa increase this inflammation.

Hot pepper does not cause diseases, but it can aggravate gastritis and ulcers.
It is not recommended to get involved in acute and with problems with the pancreas. Well, with exacerbation, spices and peppers are strictly prohibited.

Spicy foods, if eaten in large quantities, can cause heartburn even in a healthy person. Heartburn is not so harmless. With heartburn, the acidic contents of the stomach enter the esophagus. If this happens regularly, then the mucous membrane of the esophagus becomes inflamed, ulcers appear on it. And it can end oncology.

True, the cause of heartburn may not be pepper at all, but some kind of gastrointestinal pathology. But this will be determined only by a specialist.

Speaking about the dangers of spicy, some believe that regular consumption of pepper foods leads to a loss of taste. This is actually not the case. Loss of taste is a temporary phenomenon, and within a few weeks the taste sensations are restored. review: Pilestone brand color correction glasses
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