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Is pizza compatible with diet and healthy eating?

Pizza burst into our lives suddenly and instantly won universal love. She has become one of the most popular dishes in the whole world. However, people who adhere to a healthy diet often refuse it, placing pizza in the category of unhealthy foods. But is it really so? So, the benefits and harms of pizza for the body.

Pizza: what is harmful and healthy in it?
Can followers of proper nutrition enjoy a delicious Italian dish? Nutritionists say that mindlessly refuse pizza is not worth it. After all, she, like any food, is able to bring benefits to the body.

Pizza has many advantages due to the content of the following products:

Tomatoes Many types of pizza contain tomato paste or fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in lipoline, a substance that serves as a powerful antioxidant. Thanks to this component, pizza protects against diseases of the heart, blood vessels and prevents oncology.
Cheese. Hard cheese can safely be called a storehouse of calcium. And this mineral is simply necessary for man. Calcium strengthens teeth and bones, gives strength to nails and hair.
Continuing to talk about the benefits of pizza, you need to say about “unearthly” pleasure. When you enjoy any dish, the eater’s mood rises. A good mood is the strongest defense against depression and stress.
A bit about the harm
Well, now about the dangers of pizza. Perhaps a lot is known about the shortcomings of the Italian dish. Pizza can harm the body in the following cases:

Product abuse. If you eat only pizza, then a healthy product will quickly turn into a real enemy. Overuse can lead to obesity.
Harmful ingredients. Pizza pizza is different. If you add a lot of mayonnaise, fat, smoked sausages and other “unwholesome” products to the dish, the dish automatically acquires the status of “harmful”.
Drinking. Some people like to drink pizza with sweet soda such as Coca-Cola, and sometimes with alcohol. Nutritionists strongly recommend that you refrain from drinks. After all, they help carbohydrate foods to be converted to fats much faster.
It is better to drink drinks before eating, rather than during
Can I eat pizza on a diet?
The desire to lose weight is often associated with the need to fast. This is a completely wrong approach. Starvation is a great stress for the body, so sooner or later a breakdown will certainly happen.

Nutritionists, developing programs for weight loss, base them on the use of healthy foods. Moreover, the latter must be among the favorite dishes of losing weight. In this case, the success of the diet is guaranteed.
What makes pizza healthy
It is not surprising that dieters are allowed pizza. But! Not every pizza can be consumed. So that the dish does not harm the body and does not affect the figure, it is necessary to replace the harmful ingredients with healthy ones.

Nutritionists advise you to adhere to the following rules of healthy eating, and then pizza will not harm you.

Pizza selection
There are many options for pizza. Some of them (due to the addition of harmful products) can adversely affect the figure and condition of the digestive tract. Therefore, try to choose pizza with seafood or a vegetarian option. Refuse the Italian dish with smoked sausages, salami, smoked meats. Options with fried mushrooms, red meat, thick sauces are not useful.

When ordering pizza, be sure to not add sauces and mayonnaise to your dish. This will instantly reduce the calorie content of pizza.
If you didn’t manage to “guide” the waiter, for example, pizza was ordered before you arrived, then you should remember a sense of proportion. On average, the calorie content of one piece (100 g) of ordinary pizza is 260-300 kcal. Is such a pizza harmful for a figure? Of course yes. But all is not lost.

Eat pizza half-starved;
Before eating pizza, eat a vegetable salad. Drink a glass of clean water. Such simple actions will allow you to fill your stomach, and you will eat less pizza.

Alternative sauces
Pizza without sauce is not the same. The product loses its taste and becomes very fresh. Therefore, you should not completely abandon sauces. Nutritionists advise replacing a store product with a useful home product.

Some great recipes for homemade sauces:

Pumpkin Mashed potatoes are made from pumpkin. Spice to taste is added to the bright orange gruel.
Coconut and garlic. In coconut milk, a clove of garlic is fried. Salt and pepper are added to the mixture to taste. This sauce will surprise you with its sweet-piquant taste.
Tomato. Tomatoes are chopped. Sugar, salt, favorite herbs are added to tomato gruel.
Useful components
If you cook pizza at home, then use these recommendations for proper nutrition:

Dough. Add whole grains to the dough to make the pizza base. Flaxseed is very useful. Such components are rich in fibers that normalize the digestive tract. In addition, fiber quickly provides a feeling of satiety.

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