Top most useless cosmetics
The shelves of cosmetic stores are simply bursting with a huge number of different means, the manufacturers of which promise to make our figures perfect and their faces beautiful. And…

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Unsafe procedure: side effects of laser hair removal
Women have long been fond of laser hair removal. After all, a laser can quickly and painlessly remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. Many are sure that…

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How is an allergy to cold
Winter cold affects people in different ways. Some more tightly wrapped in fur coats and scarves and easily tolerate cold. They only occasionally notice: "frost is growing." Others, those who…

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Debriefing: is it worth giving up coffee

It is difficult to imagine your morning without a cup of aromatic, freshly brewed coffee. This drink has become a tradition for many people, allowing you to wake up, feel the energy boost and tune in for a new day. However, is everything known about coffee, what is the use of the drink and what harm can it cause?

Coffee: invigorating and aromatic
The favorite drink of vivacity is received from the seeds collected from a coffee tree. The characteristics of the raw materials depend on the climate, soil composition, even water, and of course on the type of coffee. The best species is recognized as arabica. But such a product is too expensive. Therefore, it is most often combined with another type of coffee – robusta. Each type of coffee has its own degree of roasting components and an original ratio of ingredients. Continue reading

Life with peppercorns: is it often harmful to eat spicy

Spicy, peppery dishes are present in many national cuisines, especially in southern and Asian countries. And there is still debate about whether spicy foods are harmful or healthy. Both opponents and supporters have a lot of concepts. Moreover, there is no unity among doctors either. So what is more from acute – good or harm? And can everyone eat dishes with peppercorns?

What is useful in spicy dishes
Acute improves digestion
Pepper and spicy foods contribute to the production of gastric juice, a rush of blood to the walls of the stomach. As a result, the digestive process is activated. Continue reading

Is pizza compatible with diet and healthy eating?

Pizza burst into our lives suddenly and instantly won universal love. She has become one of the most popular dishes in the whole world. However, people who adhere to a healthy diet often refuse it, placing pizza in the category of unhealthy foods. But is it really so? So, the benefits and harms of pizza for the body.

Pizza: what is harmful and healthy in it?
Can followers of proper nutrition enjoy a delicious Italian dish? Nutritionists say that mindlessly refuse pizza is not worth it. After all, she, like any food, is able to bring benefits to the body. Continue reading

All you need to know about metabolism
The word "metabolism" has long ceased to be considered an exclusively medical term and has become firmly established in colloquial speech. Metabolism must be accelerated in order to lose weight,…


Signs of obesity in a child
A healthy child in the view of many parents is a strong baby with many folds and constrictions. Moms are happy when their child gains weight well. After all, an…

... review: Pilestone brand color correction glasses
A person with color blindness does not see the world at all as he sees the eye of a healthy person. This is because the photopigments that are in the…


Is sodium glutamate dangerous for health
If you ask people about monosodium glutamate, then most will confidently say about the dangers of the supplement. It is called a true food drug and is often considered the…