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8 causes of wrinkles

Aging is always associated with the appearance of facial wrinkles. This is a natural physiological process. But sometimes the first unpleasant grooves appear at a fairly young age. This raises many questions. What are the causes of wrinkle formation? Why do they appear ahead of time? And how can you delay the aging process?

Causes of wrinkles: a bit of anatomy
The term “wrinkles” means folds and various groove depths on the skin topography, which are combined with a gradual decrease in elasticity.

Beauticians from different countries came to the conclusion that the first wrinkles in people appear around the age of 25.
Skin structure
Epidermis. This is the top layer. It is coated with a special grease that prevents skin from drying out, protects against infections, and prevents toxic components from entering the environment. The epidermis is constantly updated (for 10-30 days). Old cells die and exfoliate. A new layer of the epidermis forms under them.
Dermis. It is reliably protected by the epidermis. This layer contains elastin and collagen fibers, which are intertwined to form a mesh. It is this skeleton that gives the skin firmness and elasticity.
Subcutaneous tissue. This layer is formed by fat cells and connective tissue. It is unevenly located (a small amount in the nose), and in some areas (eyelids) is completely absent.
The appearance of wrinkles is caused by the destruction or damage of fibers consisting of collagen and elastin.
Wrinkle types and causes
Beauticians classify wrinkles according to several characteristics. These are important indicators on which the choice of the method of combating wrinkles on the skin depends.

Wrinkles vary in depth.
In depth
Depending on the depth of wrinkles, there are:

Superficial. These are unexpressed, thin lines that affect only the epidermis. The main reason for the appearance of such grooves is dehydration of the skin. If the fabrics are saturated with moisture, then these folds begin to easily give in to correction. In addition, superficial wrinkles may appear when the stratum corneum thickens. In this case, it is useful to resort to professional peeling.
Median. Such grooves are more pronounced. They affect the dermis. These wrinkles occur against the background of collagen collapse or due to deepening of the surface folds.
Deep. Pronounced, clearly visible folds. All three layers of the skin take part in the formation of wrinkles. Deep grooves appear as a result of a decrease in muscle tone, ptosis (drooping) of the skin, sagging tissues. This is how nasolabial furrows appear.
By localization
Folds can be located in the following areas:

On the forehead. This is a common occurrence. The causes of wrinkles on the forehead are most often associated with overly active facial expressions. Moreover, in a person who clearly shows his emotions, such folds can appear even at a fairly young age.
Between the eyebrows. Usually these are vertical, short, but rather deep grooves. Their appearance is also associated with active facial expressions. Such wrinkles often appear on the face during irritation, anger, aggression. That is why they are called “wrinkles of anger.”
Nasolabial folds. If we are talking about deep folds, then the reason is sagging and sagging skin. Unexpressed small wrinkles appearing on the nose indicate that a person is often in a frown.
Under the eyes. Beauticians associate the causes of wrinkles around the eyes and under the eyes with age-related changes. But if such folds formed in young people, then they are caused by a constant habit of squinting.
Nasolabial wrinkles appear due to old age.
Due to education
Wrinkles are divided into two types:

Mimic. They are called dynamic. Such wrinkles appear even on the faces of young people. They are associated with high activity facial expressions. Such folds are formed in those people who like to grimace or express their emotions too brightly. Initially, slight surface folds appear. Over time, they deepen and go into deep wrinkles.
Age. They are called static. These wrinkles are caused by physiological aging. Usually the first surface folds appear in 30-35 years. Further skin aging is accompanied by a decrease in collagen. This leads to deepening of wrinkles. They become pronounced, begin to merge with each other.
The appearance of wrinkles: 8 main reasons
The face is always an open area. Therefore, it is subjected to various environmental influences. In addition, all the emotions that a person experiences are almost always reflected on the face. Not surprisingly, the first wrinkles appear here.

The reasons leading to the appearance of grooves are many. Among them, cosmetologists distinguish the following.

Physiological aging
Over the years, the synthesis of elastin and collagen slows down in the human body. These components help retain moisture in the dermis and maintain skin elasticity. In other words, they are responsible for the youth of the face.

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