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Why you can’t lose weight fast

Healthy nutrition, regular classes in the fitness room, a moving lifestyle – these are the advice doctors give to people who dream of a slim body. But this is a long way, involving gradual weight loss. And many want quick results. Therefore, they resort to express diets that guarantee weight loss for a month, 10 days, and sometimes a week. What are these diets based on? And is it possible to lose weight quickly without harm to health?

Features of express diets
There are many diets that promise quick weight loss. Such techniques are called express diets. All of them are built on the same principle. The human body is driven into stressful, extreme conditions. And thanks to this, weight loss begins.

Express diets are conditionally divided into the following types:

Low-calorie varied diet. A menu containing the minimum number of calories is being developed. In this case, you can eat different foods.
Low-calorie monotonous diet. In this diet, a person limits himself not only in the number of calories, but also in the choice of products. Allowed to eat a certain set of dishes.
Limited diet. During the week, they use exclusively cocktails or superfood (goji berries, chia seeds).
Detox. In addition to the described diets, it is proposed to regularly cleanse the body.
Can you really lose weight on such diets? Results depend on the initial weight. A person who is severely obese can lose up to 1 kg per day. However, for him, these indicators are minimal. If excess weight is negligible, then an express diet will not give positive results. Weight will remain the same.
The harm of express diets, or why you can not lose weight quickly
Advocates of express diets claim that starvation diets cause the body to expend its fats. Having stood on the scales 1-2 days after the start of the diet, you can really note a decrease in weight. However, do not rush to rejoice. Such results were obtained not only by burning fat.

Fast diets lead to fluid loss. This is what determines the initial weight loss. In addition, the body, trying to ensure the smooth operation of internal organs, begins to deplete its own resources. Not only fatty tissues, but also muscles are used.
People who are interested in the question: how to quickly lose weight by the New Year often resort to express diets. It will be useful for them to learn about the effect of such diets on the body. Especially if they regularly practice such methods of losing weight.

With sudden weight loss, weight may return in a larger volume
Metabolic slowdown
Many people notice that after the termination of the diet, the weight returns, and sometimes even exceeds the original indicators. These effects are caused by a slowdown in metabolism.

If a person begins to sharply limit himself in the menu, then the body perceives such nutrition as the onset of hunger. Therefore, he immediately goes into a hard saving mode. To preserve more nutrients, it slows down the metabolism.

When a person returns to his usual diet, the body, remembering the “hungry days”, at first continues to work in the economy mode, carefully putting the fats in reserve.

Disorders in the brain
During fast diets, water is removed from the blood, muscles, and skin. In addition, the brain suffers from fluid loss. Such dehydration is manifested in the form of headaches, dizziness, severe fatigue.

French scientists conducted a study on lemurs and came to the conclusion that a low-calorie diet, with prolonged adherence, damages the brain.

Risk of gallstones
Strict diets, as shown by studies of Swedish scientists, can lead to the development of gallstone disease. In people who consume 800 kcal per day, the risk of stones increases by 3 times.

Sleep impairment
A hungry diet is not able to saturate the body with all useful substances, so you can’t lose weight quickly. Lack of vitamin B1, magnesium, zinc, folic acid, iron, selenium leads to poor sleep quality.

Fasting may make your general health worse
Deficiency of vitamin C and calcium makes night rest superficial, not strong. Not the least role in the deterioration of sleep is played by stress caused by hunger.

Mood decline
Fast weight loss, according to scientists, negatively affects the psycho-emotional state of a person. His mood worsens, irritability begins to increase, and libido decreases. Such symptoms often serve as the initial phase of depressive disorders.

Rapid skin aging
The skin needs enough water and nutrients. Most minerals and vitamins come from food.

If a person restricts food, then he does not receive many necessary substances (for example, omega3 fatty acids, some types of proteins). This leads to a deterioration of the skin condition, premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Cycle disruption
Women who regularly practice strict express diets often experience menstrual irregularities. Initially, a low-calorie diet leads to crashes.

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