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One of the most unpleasant and excruciating pains is rightly considered an ear pain. It is able to completely disrupt night sleep and significantly degrade the quality of life. Therefore,…

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Stand up
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Botox: what is it and why is it needed?
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Debriefing: is it worth giving up coffee

It is difficult to imagine your morning without a cup of aromatic, freshly brewed coffee. This drink has become a tradition for many people, allowing you to wake up, feel the energy boost and tune in for a new day. However, is everything known about coffee, what is the use of the drink and what harm can it cause?

Coffee: invigorating and aromatic
The favorite drink of vivacity is received from the seeds collected from a coffee tree. The characteristics of the raw materials depend on the climate, soil composition, even water, and of course on the type of coffee. The best species is recognized as arabica. But such a product is too expensive. Therefore, it is most often combined with another type of coffee – robusta. Each type of coffee has its own degree of roasting components and an original ratio of ingredients.

Arabica beans add flavor to the drink. Robusta seeds provide strength and saturation.
Chemical composition
Brewed coffee contains more than 1000 components that give the drink a taste, aroma, saturation.

The main components are considered to be such components:

Caffeine. This is an alkaloid that has an exciting effect on the central nervous system. It activates bioelectric processes in the brain. Thus, caffeine improves performance, improves mental capabilities. In case of an overdose, the component is able to accelerate the work of the heart, cause irritability and excitability, and worsen the quality of sleep.
Trigonellinum. Another alkaloid. In its natural form, it has neither a smell nor a taste. But during the heat treatment, the component acquires a bright coffee aroma.
Vitamin B3. It improves metabolism and stimulates the functioning of the nervous system.
Polyphenols These are antioxidants. They fight against excess free radicals and thereby prevent the development of tumor processes and prolong youth.
Chlorogenic acid. It gives coffee a specific astringent taste. Improves the exchange of nitrogenous components and normalizes the functioning of the digestive tract.
Tannins. Thanks to them, the drink acquires its characteristic bitterness. Such substances help improve digestion.
Essential oils. They have the attractive taste that makes you start the day with a cup of aromatic drink. In addition, they energize and cheer up.
The composition of coffee depends on its variety
Varieties of coffee
On the counter of the store you can find a variety of types of coffee: instant drink, insoluble – black (roasted) and green. Which one to choose from?

Specialists claim that each type of coffee has beneficial properties.

Green coffee
This is a drink obtained from all the same beans of the coffee tree. But unlike black, the seeds were not roasted. They are preserved in kind. Due to this, they bring the following benefits:

contribute to weight loss due to chlorogenic acid;
serve as a powerful antioxidant;
increase mood;
normalize blood vessel pressure;
improve memory.
However, one should not forget that green coffee is not only beneficial, but also capable of causing harm. For some people, this drink causes:

pain in the digestive tract;
heart palpitations;
increase in pressure;
Black natural (insoluble) coffee
This is a regular classic drink. The product has a different (this is an important criterion!) Degree of roasting of grains, depending on which it acquires saturation and aroma. The stronger the roasted coffee tree seeds, the more pronounced the aroma of the drink. The benefits and dangers of this coffee are still hotly debated. But more on that later.

Natural coffee is healthier than instant
Instant coffee
The main advantage of this drink is the ease of brewing. That is why it attracts many people. What you need to know about such a product?

Instant coffee comes in three forms:

powdered – this is the cheapest drink, in which there are practically no useful substances;
granular – coffee in the form of granules, has a large number of valuable components;
sublimated – this drink is considered the best of instant coffee.
Unfortunately, the use of such a drink is very small. But the harm of instant coffee is quite obvious. Instant drinks (high quality) contain only 15% of real coffee beans. And 85% are various additives, such as flavors, colorants. Of course, such substances adversely affect health.
Coffee Supplements
And before moving on to the useful and harmful properties of coffee, let us touch on another interesting topic. Many coffee lovers are very fond of adding various additives (cinnamon, milk, cognac) to their drink. What do such additions give? And are such combinations useful?

Here’s what experts say about combining coffee:

With milk. Such coffee loses its bitter (by nature) taste. It acquires softness. In addition, milk allows you to restore calcium, which is excreted by the action of caffeine. But such a drink becomes more high-calorie.

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