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A person with color blindness does not see the world at all as he sees the eye of a healthy person. This is because the photopigments that are in the eye overlap each other, as if layering, as a result of which they cannot function normally. Pilestone came to the rescue. They found a solution by creating glasses with lenses for filtering colors. It was on these points for the correction of color blindness that the editorial staff shot an honest review. The article will be useful not only to those who make up the very percentage of people suffering from color blindness, but also to those who want to test themselves for such features.

Review on Pilestone Glasses
By the way, this is a myth that color blind people are only men, women can also have color perception disorders, it just happens much less often. From the video review on Pilestone brand glasses, you will learn how to easily and quickly solve this problem.

A bit about color blindness
One man said that he first realized that he was color blind when he watched the football championship. It was attended by his favorite team. The fan sat down to watch the match and realized that he did not distinguish between the players. The footballers for whom he was a fan wore green T-shirts, and the rivals were red. But the man did not see the difference at all. By the way, among other football fans around the world there were also indignants who could not distinguish between players. This is because the phenomenon of “color blindness” is quite common. It affects more than three hundred million people around the world. And the scale of this phenomenon is more like an epidemic.

Most often, color blindness is genetic in nature, but there are other cases. The presence of this disease is indicated by the inability to distinguish colors and shades. For example, a red color may be a yellow tint, or a pink object looks like gray. You can read the most complete information about this disease and its manifestation here.

How do eyes see colors?
The retina of our eyes contains on average about six million cone-shaped visual cells. Each of these cells reacts to light of a certain frequency, that is, it is color-specific. In other words, these cells are divided into three types. They correspond to the three main colors: red, green and blue.

Who is color blind?
Color blindness affects millions of people around the world. Every twelfth man and every two hundred women have such a feature. Most often, such a defect is characterized by the fact that people do not distinguish between red and green colors. But there are different cases. For example, some see colors, but they distinguish them worse than ordinary people.

Color blindness can be an acquired defect, but most often this disease is inherited. In our body, there are genes that are responsible for the perception of colors. They are on the “X” chromosome. And they are called “photopigments”. If such genes change or malfunction, color blindness occurs.

Pilestone Technology

Pilestone first created special models on a computer that reproduced how a person with a color blind defect sees it. The degree of visual impairment and the characteristics of colors were also taken into account. Then on these simulators developed lenses that would successfully correct this feature.

Further, in order to influence photopigments even more effectively, a certain filter is applied. The company works according to the “multilevel filtering” method. Long waves of a certain color are cut out. Due to this, other colors are enhanced. In other words, red and green cones in the eye separate the lenses. Thus, the vision of people who suffer from green or red color blindness improves

So these GM-2 glasses were born. To create this model, Pilestone used the latest genetics to address color blindness and photopigment defects. All the latest technology connected in these glasses. They help to correct the color perception of people suffering from red or green color blindness.

In addition to their color-correcting properties, the glasses also have 100% UV protection and can be used simply as sunglasses with a degree of dimming 2.

What you need to know before choosing glasses

All you need to know before choosing a lens is the type and extent of the disorder. And finding this out is easier than it sounds. It is enough to pass a test called the “Rabkin Test”. The Ishihara test can also help you. Based on the results, the right lenses are selected. You can do this even remotely. It is enough to contact the store, their phone number is on the Pilestone website or write them on the Instagram page.

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