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How to treat bronchitis: the basic rules

Bronchitis is understood as an inflammatory disease that affects the bronchi, or rather, the bronchial mucosa.

There is bronchitis for various reasons and can occur in acute and chronic form.

Bronchitis due to the occurrence may be:

infectious – pathogens are bacteria, viruses, fungi;
allergic – as a result of an allergic reaction to any substance to which there is intolerance;
caused by constant inhalation of harmful substances – at work or when living in an environmentally disadvantaged area;
the last type includes the so-called smoker’s bronchitis, which develops with systematic irritation of the bronchi with cigarette smoke.
Acute and chronic bronchitis – causes and course of the disease
These forms of bronchitis differ both in manifestations and in methods of treatment. But with any form of the disease, an indispensable symptom is a cough.

Acute bronchitis
Reasons: viral or bacterial infection. Often acute bronchitis develops after acute respiratory viral infections, flu, when an infection from the nasopharynx goes down to the bronchi.


in the initial stage – high fever and dry cough, later the cough becomes wet, the temperature decreases;
general weakness;
wheezing and chest pain;
in severe cases, shortness of breath.
With bronchitis, weakness is observed
Acute bronchitis lasts an average of 2 weeks. An untreated disease can become chronic.

Chronical bronchitis
Such a diagnosis is made if during two years a person experiences exacerbations, which for a year in total last 3 months or more.

Reasons: not fully treated acute bronchitis, converted into a chronic form; constant irritation of the mucous membrane with dust, particulate matter, toxic substances, including tobacco smoke; fungal infection.


constant cough that occurs in the early stages in the morning, wet;
a large amount of sputum;
with exacerbation – increased cough, increased sputum (possibly with an admixture of pus), weakness, sweating;
shortness of breath – with a severe stage of the disease;
with a long (many years) course of the disease – thickening of the ends of the fingers and nails of the hands.
How to treat bronchitis
How to treat a cough
Cough brings the most torment in bronchitis – in acute bronchitis at the beginning of the disease it is dry, tearing, worse by night. Therefore, the first thing needed is a cough relief. How to treat cough (and accordingly bronchitis)?

With a dry painful cough, antitussive and combined agents (synecode, bronchicum, libexin) are indicated.

Take the medicine as directed by your doctor
When sputum forms, but it is too thick and clogs the bronchi, mucolytics will help – sputum thinners (ambrobene, bromhexine, lazolvan bronchoxol).

Expectorants increase the volume of sputum and help it thus get out of the bronchi (solutan, mucaltin, marshmallow root, licorice root).

In no case should you take antitussive and expectorant drugs at the same time.
In no case should you take antitussive and expectorant drugs at the same time.
Doctors have no consensus on these issues.

Antibiotic treatment will be effective for bronchitis caused by bacteria. If the virus became the cause of bronchitis, then the antibiotic will not help (but only harm, killing the beneficial microflora).

How to distinguish bacterial bronchitis from viral? As a rule, symptoms of a viral infection disappear after 4–5 days. If there is no improvement after this period: the temperature is in the range of 37.3–37.8 degrees, a strong cough, pus appears in the sputum, but there is no runny nose, eyes do not watery, this indicates the bacterial nature of the disease. And here antibiotics will come in handy.

If bronchitis is quite easy, then antibiotics do not need to be used.

As for antiviral drugs, many doctors talk about their unproven effectiveness. That is, in fact, they are considered dummies.

Massage for bronchitis:
increases blood flow
improves lung ventilation
prevents congestion in the bronchi and the development of pneumonia;
contributes to the rapid discharge of sputum.
Massage is effective for chronic bronchitis, as well as in the recovery phase. Massage should not be done in the acute period of the disease.
When bronchitis is used:

percussion massage – shock massage of the chest and back;
drainage massage – a point effect on intercostal areas and compression of the diaphragm;
honey massage – back massage with honey applied on her with light claps of her hands;
can massage – back massage using vacuum cans.
Inhalations are carried out either using special devices – inhalers and nebulizers, or in the old-fashioned way – covering the head with a blanket and breathing in the vapor from most often potatoes.

In the treatment you can use inhalers
How useful are inhalations for bronchitis?

The most common way – over a pan with hot potatoes – undoubtedly moisturizes the bronchi, but you can’t expect a special therapeutic effect from such an inhalation.

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