Foods That Help Keep You Warm
Have you ever wondered why in the heat we prefer vegetable salads and green cabbage soup, and in winter we are more attracted to rich soup, fatty pork and Olivier…

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Thrush (candidiasis): symptoms, causes and treatment
Thrush (vaginal candidiasis) at least once encountered most women. This fungal disease can cause genital discomfort. However, this infection does not always require treatment. What is “thrush”, how to determine…

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Can a cold be cured in one day?
No one is safe from colds. And for some reason, she always catches up with us at the wrong time: before a responsible exam, on the eve of an important…

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Carbon Peeling: Long-Lasting Magic

You always want to look wonderful, delight others with a radiant complexion and beautiful skin. Cosmetics help us hide flaws, but, unfortunately, only in the cool season, but in the summer it already becomes a problem – a masking layer of foundation and powder under the scorching sun is an “unpleasant” and unhealthy for us skin. This means that it is necessary to achieve such an ideal state that such a daily mask is not required. And there is a way out!

Clinic “Altermed” offers beautiful ladies a medical service that will help solve this problem for a long time – carbon peeling.

What is carbon peeling?
The word “peeling” is known to every woman – this is an important cosmetic service, which involves cleansing the face. In this case, we are not talking about simple washing, but about the complete cleansing of the skin, giving it free breathing and stimulating cell regeneration.

Peeling can be chemical and mechanical, contact and non-contact, superficial and deep. Carbon peeling – the latest development in cosmetology – a kind of laser peeling.

When to choose carbon peeling?
It is recommended to use this face cleansing medical service if you are worried about:

dull loose skin;
permanent greasy shine;
sagging facial contour;
deep and facial wrinkles;
extensive pigment areas;
large enlarged pores;
early signs of aging.

In addition, carbon peeling has a bactericidal and therapeutic effect, so it can be recommended to people suffering from inflammatory skin diseases. Laser pulses adversely affect opportunistic microorganisms and eliminate the cause of inflammatory processes on the skin, and not just their consequence.

Thus, you see that the medical service of carbon peeling eliminates problems that are characteristic of different ages.

What is the essence of the service?
When providing medical services, carbon peeling combines the action of a laser and a unique gel mask, which is also called nanogel and which includes carbon dioxide. By the way, the name of the procedure comes from here, because carbon is translated into English.

Nanogel penetrates deep into the skin, attracts the remnants of sebum and particles of dirt. In turn, the laser beams evaporate the dead cells of the epidermis and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, smooth the surface of the skin, and destroy the pathogenic flora.

Although such a description sounds a little frightening, you don’t need to worry at all – the Altmed clinic uses the latest equipment to provide carbon peeling services, in particular, the Harmony XL * apparatus of the Israeli company Alma Lasers, the world leader in the specialized market.

What distinguishes carbon peeling from other similar medical services?
This medical service has a number of advantages, see:

Carbon peeling is suitable for people of any age. It can be done both in summer and in winter;
Carbon peeling is painless, only a slight tingling can be felt in the area of ​​laser exposure.
Carbon peeling is atraumatic – it is almost impossible to damage healthy cells with such peeling, because the laser removes only unnecessary ones highlighted with carbon gel.
Carbon peeling does not require a rehabilitation period. You can immediately return to your usual rhythm of life;
After the session, you can use makeup and apply makeup.

What stages does the carbon peeling medical service consist of?
Peeling does not take much time, on average 30-40 minutes, and it can be divided into two main parts:

I stage. Preparation

The skin is cleaned from makeup. Then, a nanogel is applied to it, which must be dried before laser treatment. After this, laser treatment is carried out with a neodymium beam – it “undermines” the smallest particles of the gel. This complex procedure accelerates the rejection of dead cells. At the first stage, the surface of the skin is cleaned, but without deep exposure.

II stage. Laser warming up

At this stage, carbon fiber laser peeling occurs. The skin is heated by a laser so that as a result it enhances the process of cell regeneration, the production of collagen and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid, a natural skin moisturizer, is stimulated. Thus, carbon peeling combines peeling as such and laser photorejuvenation, aimed at complete restoration and rejuvenation.

The number of peeling procedures necessary to achieve the maximum effect is determined by the cosmetologist depending on the initial condition of the skin. Usually 3-5 sessions are enough, if necessary, their number increases.

Contraindications to the use of carbon peeling
As with any other cosmetic procedures, there are also a number of limitations. Among them:

pregnancy and the period of feeding the baby;
skin diseases, including wounds, cuts, unhealed scars on the face;
infectious diseases;
oncological diseases;
the presence of implants or piercings;
the presence of neoplasms and colloid scars

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