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Top most useless cosmetics

The shelves of cosmetic stores are simply bursting with a huge number of different means, the manufacturers of which promise to make our figures perfect and their faces beautiful. And every year more and more new products appear: here are the eyelash brushes that will give your look an irresistible look, and here is the serum of youth, which turns aging wrinkled skin into youthful and sparkling.

It seems that this particular hair balm, and this body lotion, and that foot scrub, are not enough for us to be completely happy.

Are all the proposed cosmetics as effective as the advertising promises us? Do we need them?

Some will undoubtedly help to correct deficiencies and improve the quality of the skin, hair, nails. But there is cosmetics that is absolutely useless. True, it will not bring harm, but there will be no benefit from it. Only money to lose.

Creams, serums, gels, removing dark circles under the eyes
Blue, dark circles, swelling under the eyes can be symptoms of the disease, appear from lack of sleep, be associated with age-related changes, or turn out to be an individual feature – when the blood vessels lie close to the skin surface. It’s clear that the disease must be treated, then the circles will go away, hardware cosmetology and plastic surgery can really fight age-related changes, but if the cause is tiredness, lack of sleep stress, then a healthy lifestyle will help. It is also impossible to remove hereditary bruises with creams. You can only temporarily mask them with a concealer.

Anti-cellulite creams
Cellulite is a change in the structure of subcutaneous fat, characterized by rough skin. It is clear that no cream can cope with this cosmetic flaw. To get rid of the “orange peel” you need a comprehensive treatment: massage, body wraps, lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy, diet, etc. It is best to consult a cosmetologist with this problem and take a course of special procedures.

Anti-aging products
All well-known manufacturers of medical cosmetics offer a whole line of products for aging skin – anti-age: night and day creams, serums, masks, creams for the eyes and lips, while promising the disappearance of wrinkles, skin tightening, the disappearance of bryl. In fact, all these tools are unlikely to lead to such radical results. You can rejuvenate the skin, adjust the contours of the face either using hardware cosmetology, or, at an older age, by plastic surgery. Of course, you do not need to give up creams for face skin – at any age, it needs nutrition and, most importantly, hydration. But you should not have high expectations and spend significant funds on anti-aging cosmetics.

Cream for the neck and décolleté
It is completely incomprehensible why to buy a special cream for the skin of these areas – the usual means for facial skin are quite suitable.

Foot masks
No foot mask will give the expected effect – because the skin of the feet is quite thick, about 4 mm. In order for the skin on the legs to be smooth, it is enough to regularly treat it with a pumice stone or a special brush, use a scrub and a good cream. If the skin on the legs is very rough, crack on the heels, a cream with urea is suitable. You can also contact the services of a pedicure master.

Body Scrub
Our skin is constantly updated: old cells die, new ones are formed. In order for the skin to be smooth and supple, dead cells must be removed. It is for this purpose that body scrubs are intended, where crushed solids and detergent are included. But whether it is necessary to spend money on such a tool when a hard washcloth perfectly copes with the same task. If you still want to use a scrub, you can take for this purpose a mixture of honey with coffee grounds, for example. There are a lot of recipes for homemade body scrubs on the Internet. By the way, you can use a scrub no more often than 1-2 times a week, otherwise you risk depriving the skin of its natural protection.

Lip scrub
A thing is not only useless, but can be harmful. If the skin of the lips is very thin and delicate, it can be damaged. It will be enough to remove dead cells with a towel or a toothbrush, only necessarily soft.

Dandruff Shampoo
Undoubtedly, such a shampoo removes dandruff (although not everyone, there are completely ineffective products on sale), but for a while, it does not solve the problem as a whole. The problem is that dandruff is a manifestation of the dysfunction in the body: disruption of the sebaceous glands, activation of the fungus, a malfunction in the metabolism, skin diseases. There can be many reasons, and in order to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon forever, you need to find the cause and act on it. Store shampoos are not able to cope with this task. In some cases, medical shampoos sold in pharmacies can help: antifungal, tar, exfoliating.

Nourishing creams, hair masks, including for split ends
The split ends of the hair is a natural phenomenon, and the only way to get rid of them is to cut. Neither shampoo, nor mask, nor balm can glue them.

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