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Wolf hunger: why you constantly want to eat
Good appetite is always associated with health. But only as long as it does not develop into a “wolf”. If a person constantly wants to eat, even after the last…

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How to treat bronchitis: the basic rules
Bronchitis is understood as an inflammatory disease that affects the bronchi, or rather, the bronchial mucosa. There is bronchitis for various reasons and can occur in acute and chronic form.…

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Foods That Help Keep You Warm
Have you ever wondered why in the heat we prefer vegetable salads and green cabbage soup, and in winter we are more attracted to rich soup, fatty pork and Olivier…

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What can threaten fat on the stomach?

The debate about what is best to have: a slender figure or magnificent forms – do not subside. But one thing is certain: a large belly adorns neither a woman nor a man. Why does he appear? Why is fat often deposited on the stomach, even when a person has a relatively slender build?

The causes of a large abdomen can be different in women and in men.

Fat on the abdomen in women: 5 reasons
1. Overeating. This is the most commonplace reason leading to the appearance of excess fat. Together with the lack of movements, overeating leads to the fact that unused calories from food are stored “in reserve”. Continue reading

Is it possible to combine caffeine and alcohol

A cup of aromatic coffee raises the mood, gives vitality, increases attention. A tasty drink, if not abused, does not harm the body. Alcohol, on the contrary, allows you to relax. What happens when these drinks are combined? Can I use caffeine before, during, and after drinking alcohol? What are the consequences of such a combination?

The combination of coffee and alcohol: harm or benefit
People say that coffee helps to avoid intoxication, and if necessary, can quickly sober up. Scientists have completely refuted such a myth. In addition, they revealed tremendous damage to the body, with a combination of coffee and alcohol. Continue reading

What do “suspicious” moles look like?

Moles, birthmarks, nevi are all the names of benign formations on the skin that can be congenital or appear during a person’s life. Moles can be located everywhere, even on the mucous membranes, have a different shape and color. Moles themselves do not affect health in any way, and their treatment is not required. An exception may be very large nevi, which cause a person certain inconvenience or disfigure his appearance. In this case, they are recommended to be removed. The danger of moles lies in the possibility of their degeneration into a malignant formation.

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Useful properties of fish oil

Useful properties of fish oil Many from early childhood know the unpleasant smell and nasty taste of fish oil. They cannot be forgotten! But today the industry has stepped far ahead and now there is no way to find such a product – fish oil is sold exclusively in special capsules, does not have a terrible aroma and looks very aesthetically pleasing. Meanwhile, the value of this product has not decreased a little, and now we will tell you what is useful in fish oil and why adults are trying so hard to feed their children.

You still do not know what is useful in fish oil, and what is fraught with this product? Everything is very simple. In fish oil, there are many trace elements and vitamins useful for humans, the main of which is vitamin A. Continue reading

How to quickly get rid of black dots

As medical practice shows, in the world a huge number of people who often face one important problem – the appearance of unpleasant black spots on the skin of the face, and they don’t know how to quickly get rid of these black spots, because thousands of tried and tested cosmetic products do not help them . It does not matter, in this case traditional medicine will always come to the rescue, which will tell you how to quickly get rid of the black dots using very simple folk recipes.

The reason for the appearance of black spots that spoil the appearance of a person can be enlarged pores, improper skin care, etc. Some folk methods cope with this problem very quickly and give odds to any cosmetic product, and we will discuss these methods below. Continue reading

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